Ohten Open


Ohten Open

One of the world’s first social technology companies

We are committed to bringing what we have learned and what we are exploring to those less able to access programs from a funding perspective.

Ohten Open is actively seeking places and invitations to build relationships with organisations that need leadership development support but struggle to find funding.

Working with The Early Talent Consultancy, Ohten leaders have helped school leavers to build their confidence in how to present themselves through virtual assessment centres, personal coaching and mentoring. We have also supported the teaching staff at these schools in areas that have social and economic challenges to better equip their pupils with a more mindful approach.

Working with leading professors in rehabilitation and recovery, Ohten leaders have co-designed and co-delivered regular workshops for medical students looking to build a more mindful and integrated model to assist patients who need help when recovering from serious illness or injury. 

The Ohten Guiding Principles...


Our work can help to save the world through key businesses and the massive influence they can have for good and positive change. Doing more than our bit to ensure we all leave a healthy planet; mentally, physically and economically for future generations.


Approach our work with an open heart, an open mind and an open will. Seek to create safe spaces for experimentation and co-design that allow often historically competing entities to seek the highest potential in a future they can create together.


Develop our current and design new social technology platforms that continue to help our clients and their key strategic partners, key internal functions/divisions, key clients or suppliers to see things in new ways. See through the eyes of ECO not EGO, and build levels of trust that provide healthy workplaces to flourish mentally, physically and economically.


Be the change we seek in the world…keep asking what else can we do…and must we do to create a sustainable future for leaders in an increasingly disruptive and changing world in which the old ways are ceasing to be effective any longer.


Love our work and find clients who feel the same way we do about this issue. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. Allow things to unfold do not force things to happen. The universe is our guide.


Push the boundaries but always be mindful of the need to deliver practical no nonsense work that people can access, understand and get moving with quickly.  Our stuff needs to be easy but work at a deep level with people.


Build “Social Technology” platforms that we pass on to our clients and others in our Ecosystem that do not require Ohten to be onsite to activate for the medium term.


Invest in ourselves to stay at the forefront of what “social technology” means and needs to be for the next 100 years.


Take time to rest, play and nourish our hearts and minds with those we love the most.


Do this as long as it feels like a fire burning so bright you could see it from outer space.